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Notify in nsMsgStatusFeedback::OnStateChange OnEndMsgDownload() missing for newsgroup message with image attachments viewed inline


(MailNews Core :: Networking: NNTP, defect)

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The code here:

never runs since OnStateChange gets a uri for the inline image (1 if there are > 1) and not the original uri.  And the image uri doesn't have a msgWindow, like the original uri does.

so this code never runs:

one result being that images never get sized right (in something like alt.binaries.birds).

Bug 193317 removed the ability to get the originalUri for nntp; it's possible the change there is no longer relevant, and there's awareness this may not be a good idea. A possible fix is to revert that change and get the originalUri from the channel in OnStateChange.

(Imap has a tangle of notifications different from nntp though it seems parts of imap were copied into nntp).

Attached is a nonworking wip debug patch, in case someone ever comes this way again.
Whiteboard: [patchlove]
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