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A "gadget" is a miniature version of application in either homescreen, lockscreen or utility tray, similar in nature to Android widgets and desktop gadgets. The name "gadget" is chosen to disambiguate from other smart phone widgets and especially "widgets" application packaging format standard proposal.

The use cases may include but are not limited to:
    - clock
    - important notifications, e.g. email, messages, calendar etc.
    - quick access to music application, camera etc.

A generic gadget management framework in Gaia would provide method and apparatus to install, remove, rearrange, resize and interact with gadgets for a given host, e.g. homescreen, lockscreen or utility tray.

End solution for a well behaved gadgets framework MUST provide:
    1. process sandboxing
       Gadget MUST run in its own process separate from the host process it shares layout with, i.e. separate from homescreen, lockscreen, utility tray processes
    2. gadget's process MUST use memory economically and SHOULD consider running in low memory conditions, e.g. application's "compatibility" mode (?)
    3. framework MUST handle OOM kills of gadgets gracefully
    4. application started by gadget MUST reuse existing application's content process (if any)


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Depends on: 980935


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Depends on: 980936
Depends on: 1005818
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