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Bugzilla reports "-1" notifications


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Bugzilla, for a while now, is reporting -1 notifcations for me whenever I have an empty review queue. See attached screenshot.
Component: Bugzilla Change Notification System → User Interface
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
that's odd.

what does the tooltip for that notification say?
Assignee: nobody → glob
Component: User Interface → Extensions: Review
Flags: needinfo?(pomax)
I shall report that value the moment my review queue is empty again (because you never wake up to no review requests...)
Flags: needinfo?(pomax)
the tooltip when it's showing -1 reads "Flags requested of you: review (-1)"
Yup, happen to me too and when I have 1 review it'll show 0 in notification.
Yup, happen to me too and when I have 1 review it'll show 0 in notification.
there's been a lot of database weirdness recently, so right now i can't tell if these negative values are a result of that, or if it's a problem with the code.

i've stepped through the code and it looks sane.

i have code which recalculates the number in the badge from scratch, however it doesn't reset negative values.  i'll work on a fix for that so it also resets negative values.
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i've run the updated recalculation code, and currently nobody has a negative counter.
i'll leave the bug open to monitor - don't hesitate to let me know if this issue reoccurs.
certainly fixed it for me!
no news is good news; marking as fixed.
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