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Fix browser_bug415846.js and then re-enable it for all except Mac


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Firefox 30


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browser_bug415846.js recently started failing pretty much everywhere today with failures like assumedly after bug 982664 pushed some itsatrap/itsanattack changes to production. 

One of the changes pushed that might have caused this failure is bug 971244 which redirected the pages from to

Did this make the test hit the network now?
This test was already disabled on Mac for being special, so when it gets re-enabled, it should stay disabled on Mac.

I disabled it on all platforms in and will be merging that around to various trees soon.
Summary: Fix browser_bug415846.js and then re-enable it. → Fix browser_bug415846.js and then re-enable it for all except Mac
My guess would be that it has been hitting the network and getting the redirect since gcp landed last week, but some burp in the redirect today caused it to fail for a while.
Component: Pages & Content → Phishing Protection
Product: → Firefox
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The longer version of that being:

The bug here is that changed the URL that we stuff into the phishing db, without changing The way things are supposed to work, the db knows that the page phishing tests load should be treated as bad, so they treat it as bad, and the part just keeps the page from loading in the background, confusing the issue and looking like a test might be depending on hitting the network.

Once we changed to not stopping loads, and to telling the db about instead of the old URL, the test started actually hitting the network, loading the URL, getting redirected to, and finding that URL in the phishing db, and still passing because it recognized as phishing.

So the failure would have been when the test started loading the URL, but not getting the redirect. Disabling the test was still the right thing to do, it had become a test which depended on the network, which is a fatal mistake, but what caused us to see that wasn't a permanent change, it was just the usual sort of random infra failure that's the reason we don't hit the network.
Fixed and re-enabled in
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Thanks for the help, I indeed missed that URL.
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