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[Stingray][Meta] two-layered widget support


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Two-layered widget support is based on current two layered OOP mechanism.

The UI/window of widget is created and managed by System app. But the layout of widget is designed by custom Homescreen app. System lays out them as the following sequence: 1. group div of homescreen, 2. homescreen iframe, 3. widget iframe (the later the higher).

All input events to widget should be blocked by system app. But all input events to Homescreen app should be passed through.

I don't think we need to depend on bug 819882 because the widget is opened by System app not Homescreen app.
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Sure! Which one do you think we should make bug 819882 depend on?
No longer depends on: 819882
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The three-layered version needs it. But we don't have it, now.
As far as I know from you guys, you need open-window-remote to open bookmarks on the homescreen. Right? It's not a matter of two or three layers.
Yes, right. But we use to open bookmark which is also handled by system app instead of creating an Iframe in homescreen app.
Yeap, just wonder is there any good Stingray bug to set the dependency on it?
Since the prototype of 2-layered doesn't land to master, we need invalid this bug.

The prototype of 2-layered can be found at:

We will build a hybrid model which won't use IAC anymore and new bugs for hybrid model will be created.
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