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Decommission bzr


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Bugzilla is now on git.

Mark, can you please tell us if there any any blockers remaining to turning bzr off? If so, please put them in as blockers.
So this is a bit complicated.  According to (upstream) Bugzilla policy, the existing supported branches (4.0, 4.2, 4.4) are supposed to be available on because the suggested upgrade path has always been to pull updates directly from source.  The problem with shutting bzr off is that anyone running a Bugzilla site who follows the standard upgrade path would have to switch their installation to git just to get updates, which seems onerous for small security patches.  This is why we set up one-way mirroring from the git repos to the associated bzr branches.

Upstream Bugzilla has always had three supported branches at any given time.  That means that after 5.0 comes out (probably sometime this summer), there would still be two supported branches on bzr.  Given the current (slow) cadence of major releases, I can't see 4.4 being EOLed for years.

The suggested middle ground is to set up a community bzr server (bug 968636).  I don't know who would be doing.  Or we can find bzr hosting somewhere else.  I know this is not an ideal situation for anyone.
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