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Compression of message folders causes mail message file errors


(MailNews Core :: Backend, defect)

Windows 98
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(Reporter: msb5, Assigned: mscott)


I've observed this one now several times.
A request to compress all folders to save space is presented on opening mail. 
If I say OK, it often does exactly what you would expect.  

Several times, though, the inbox or the next batch of messages downloaded from
the server have arrived with content misassigned to the messages.  Every time it
has happened there was an HTML spammail in the batch, and the html code shows up
in most of the other 'messages' as clear text. It can be impossible to find a
particular mail message.  The first time this happened, it wiped out all
messages that had been received.  
I don't think the problem has ever occurred WITHOUT having recently compressed
folders.  Perhaps related to this is that the compression message appears much
more frequently than I would expect.  

Possibly relevant info: 
- The location where this has happened suffers from a congested net, with low
available bandwidth and frequent timeouts.  

- One time, the request to compress appeared after, or as, I hit 'get msg'. I
then hit 'OK' for compression before message download finished.  Everything was
garbled. I've avoided that situation since then without knowing if it was the
mailnews, not grendel
Assignee: edwin → mscott
Component: Protocols → Mail Back End
Product: Grendel → MailNews
QA Contact: mystery.user → esther
QA Contact: esther → sheelar
What build are you using ? 
From his email 

0.9.3 major release;  build ID: 2001080110
Please download the latest nightly build. All this problem of message garbling
has been fixed. 
then mark this bug FIXED please :)
Based on reporters and navin comments marking this as worksforme. Since I don't 
see this problem with compaction with latest builds.
2001-12-14-06 win98
Going through old bugs.

Sheela, you wanted to resolve this bug as worksforme, but somehow seem to have
forgotten about it.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Depends on: 986136
No longer depends on: 986136
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