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The XML Catalogs is an OASIS committee specification, basically an "SGML Catalog
for XML". Simplified, a catalog's function is to map public identifiers to
system identifiers.

The specification was developed under the Entity Resolution committee:

The actual specification is at (Aug 6 2001):

Currently there are at least five tools that support this specification ranging
from gnome-xml to Sun's Java Resolver classes and some Perl modules.
Implementing this specification would allow us to easily add support for some
well-known DTDs (based on their public identifiers) by placing the DTDs locally
into dtd or chrome directory (we read external DTDs if they are there). This is
also a performance issue: if a match is found in the XML Catalog and we can load
the DTD from a local file, we do not need to load it from the web.
Keywords: perf
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Whiteboard: [Hixie-P3]


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QA Contact: petersen → rakeshmishra
Alias: xmlcatalog
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Comment 1

15 years ago
xpinstall packages should be able to register new catalogs.
Any idea how this could happen?
The spec notes that catalogs are linked with some next-catalog entry, which would
require a new catalog to modify the currently last one. That doesn't sound right.
We have global and user installed packages, too.


14 years ago
QA Contact: rakeshmishra → ashishbhatt

Comment 2

13 years ago
I have some additional information  
* KDE have an OASIS XML Catalog implementation which perhaps could be used in  
Mozilla et al. It's written in C++ with stl-like data/container classes(the  
Qt/KDE libraries), synchronous file loading(due to API designs), written  
against a referenced counted DOM implementation(small usages of DOM 3 core), is  
documented, debugged, and licensed under GNU LGPL. sloccount says it's about  
2500 lines of code. I can't tell whether integration work would be more than  
writing a stack from scratch, but it's far from impossible. The implementation  
can be found in:  
* In relation to KDE's implementation, was a test suite brought into the light.  
It is quite good, and has currently 42 tests. Licensed under MIT license. It  
can be found at:  
I'm author and maintainer of the implementation, and co-author and maintainer  
of the test suite, so feel free to contact me.  
QA Contact: ashshbhatt → xml
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