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Clean up seccomp-bpf filter definition


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The seccomp-bpf filter is a bit suboptimal for maintainability at the moment: lots of "if arm, then … else if x86 then … else if x86_64 then …" blocks and repetition, the pieces broken out into "high"/"med"/"low", and so on.  This seems to be largely a side-effect of defining the entire thing as a macro in a .h file, which will be going away with bug 920372 in any case.
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Let's try this with the big copy from seccomp_filter.h to SandboxFilter.cpp handled as a rename, instead of an unrelated delete+create.  It should be easier to review that way.  I'll mark this as a rename when committing, if Hg can handle that and there isn't some other reason not to.
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its a nice start, although i'd like to get an even clearer notation if possible. I'm not sure how possible that is with macros though.. I suppose that having a shorter whitelist goes a long way to making it easier to read anyway.

worst case, we could have a different file per architecture and/or platform, i guess.
Checkin stuff: The patches must be applied in order (p0, p1, p2).  Note that the first patch contains a rename, but hg qimport seems to have handled it correctly without doing anything special.

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