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Allow certain jobs to run on beefier EC2 instances even if more pricey


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Android 2.3 on EC2 reftests would benefit with m3.large as per bug 980519.
B2g Reftests on EC2 run 15% to 60% slower than on the minis.

Even if we found solution to make them run faster, it will be good to have this flexibility.
To be clear, my argument in bug 980519 is that all Android 2.3 tests would benefit from m3.large, but particularly mochitests. mochitests on m3.large run in 1/3 the time they do currently on Ash. Also many of the mochitests which are currently disabled for Android 2.3 are skipped because of intermittent test timeouts, and I hope some of these mochitests could be run reliably on m3.large.

reftests on Android 2.3 are very slow currently. Running on m3.large, they run faster, but still not nearly fast enough to run in a reasonable number of chunks. We need to find other ways of improving reftest speed on Android 2.3 or run the emulator on real hardward (perhaps ix slaves).
I will enable the b2g reftests on our current m1.medium instances and run them side-by-side in the next 2 days.

Shutting the minis off would depend on 1) this bug or 2) we can't wait any longer on scl1.

The sooner we disable those minis the more we can save in the scl1 move out.
Note, the way to keep costs down is to use m1.medium ondemand nodes and bid on fast nodes on spot.
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