Report AEC echo levels (ERLE/etc)

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We should report echo levels in the AEC.  Note that calculating them can cost CPU; so we don't want to blindly enable this all the time.  We need to consider what the options are.  Also, it can take a while to get results after enabling.

Right now, I've made it depend on NSPR_LOG_MODULES=mediamanager:5 -- we likely should change this.  Currently the patch I have dumps the stats once every few second or so.

We should add it to about:webrtc (note: this will be complicated by the cost of measuring it/enabling/etc)
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I did some profiling, and on a debug build it used <0.1% of the CPU used in an audio-only call on linux ... i.e. very little, so we can likely leave it on.

On the downside: it is *very* hard to interpret ERLE in a vacuum; it depends heavily on the input signals, noise, volume, etc.  So telemetry on ERLE may be very hard to interpret/misleading.  Also, if used with telemetry we'd want to segregate it so headphone and speakerphone uses don't get mixed (we could segregate roughly based on ERL as a stand-in for knowing if it's a headset or not).

Jean-Marc - do you know any good automated metrics beyond ERL/ERLE we could use?  I'll also consult my Voice Quality for mobile book by Perry.
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I think ERLE is probably a good metric here. OTOH, ERL is completely meaningless. The problem is that turning the volume up by X dB on your external speakers while turning it down X dB in the mixer will increase the ERL by X dB even though nothing actually changed in practice. The only metric I could think of would be a signal-to-echo ratio (SER). Since the signal power is fixed, then the ERLE also happens to be the improvement in SER.
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Monitor AEC echo levels (ERLE/etc) in gUM

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lgtm, with the caveat that I haven't seen the patch that this patch depends on (there's no update_echo or mStarted in the tree), so bear in mind when landing.

::: content/media/webrtc/MediaEngineWebRTCAudio.cpp
@@ +589,5 @@
> +#ifdef PR_LOGGING
> +  mSamples += length;
> +  if (mSamples > samplingFreq) {
> +    mSamples -= samplingFreq;

Is length ever > 2*samplingFreq? If so then you fall behind here.

Maybe a while(>) -=, an assert, or mSamples %= samplingFreq?
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