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browser_whitelist7.js leaked 1 docShell(s) until shutdown on all platforms in debug mode when run as a standalone directory


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Add-on Manager, defect)

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(firefox29 unaffected, firefox30 unaffected, firefox31 disabled, firefox41 fixed, firefox-esr24 unaffected)

Firefox 41
Tracking Status
firefox29 --- unaffected
firefox30 --- unaffected
firefox31 --- disabled
firefox41 --- fixed
firefox-esr24 --- unaffected


(Reporter: jmaher, Assigned: esawin)




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I am working to chunk the browser-chrome tests better, this requires us to run directory by directory instead of a big chunk of tests.  one side effect is that many tests fail and this is one of the lucky tests.

here is a try server run showing the failures:

all platforms on debug we leak.
I am going to try removing this line:

as this would make it identical to whitelist4.js.
The leaking test is testing an Android feature on the desktop path, since we are only concerned with the shared blocking mechanics. The desktop front-end, however, does not handle blocked direct requests well, so we need to default to |localhost| when no host is available there.

Lets test this patch. Should it fix the issue, we need to decide whether this is something we want to handle with an appropriate warning prompt on desktop, like we do it on Android.
I tested this patch and I still see it leaking:

So quite possibly this is a leak in other tests in that directory that is getting blamed on whitelist7
We're seeing this on Cedar as well and it's one of the few remaining issues that's blocking us getting chunking enabled across all platforms. Any other ideas, Eugen?
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The Try server push from comment 4 is the unpatched version, can we test this patch on the failing systems (Win 8 debug, OS X debug) to see if it helps? Here are the tests on the patched Cedar branch, but Try doesn't run the bc3 chunks on the failing systems:
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Just realized that the bc tests aren't chunked on those systems yet, queuing some more bc runs on the patched version:
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FWIW, disabling browser_whitelist7.js does make the bc3 leaks go away, but we still do see other intermittent failures in the xpinstall tests like this:
any other thoughts here?  Should we keep this disabled for now until?  We can keep trying patches on cedar.

Our goal is to have everything ready for the firefox31 branches by Friday.
Let's keep this test disabled for now. It should be more convenient to test patches for it with chunking enabled across all platforms.
Disabled on Windows and OSX debug.
Assignee: nobody → ryanvm
Whiteboard: [test disabled on OSX and Windows debug][leave open]
Assignee: ryanvm → esawin
Does not leak when enabled on m-c:
Should we enable the test but keep this bug open for now?
Yeah, that's worrying to me because chunk-by-dir was supposed to give us more consistent results.
chunk-by-dir will reduce the problems when we add/disable a test as they won't switch chunks- that same effect can still cause tests in the same chunk to have problems.
This appears to have gone away on its own. Re-enabling the test across the board.
Whiteboard: [test disabled on OSX and Windows debug][leave open]
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 41
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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