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reftest default preference lists out-of-sync between desktop and Android/B2G


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The reftest default preference lists are out of sync between desktop (reftest-cmdline.js) and Android/B2G (bootstrap.js).

Two of the diffs are probably prefs that only affect desktop or were for perf reasons (bug 846890, bug 870100), so unlikely to cause bustage if we sync them to bootstrap.js.  The other two were introduce in bug 975931 and likely to be substantive.

We should fix this code duplication with the preprocessor ASAP, at least once the bug 975931 prefs are sync'd over and green.
Oh, worse, there's a third location in b2g_start_script.js that was added without adding a comment at the other locations.
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Summary: reftest default preference lists out-of-sync between desktop and Android/B2G → reftest default preference lists out-of-sync between desktop and Android/B2G
It turns out syncing the preferences over doesn't introduce any new failures; there are no differences between these two try runs (the failures are due to the patches in the first run):
(And I also have a patch for the preprocessing, but I still want to wait for try results on it.)
Note that the reordering in is because the addition to
PP_TARGETS must be before including  (Logically, I was moving
_DEST_DIR, _HARNESS_FILES, and the _HARNESS_PP_FILES chunk up, but diff
shows it the other way around.)
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patch 2 - Sync higher-risk APZC/viewport prefs from bug 975931 from desktop reftest code to Android/B2G reftest code

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Sure would be nice if we could share these prefs in a single location!
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patch 3 - Use preprocessor to avoid duplicating reftest default preference lists

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As much as I hate adding more to our Makefiles, this is better than the existing scenario.
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