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Document BrowserUITelemetry JSON blob format


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This has come up a number of times in various discussions, and most recently when talking to Ilana Segall, who is working on processing the BrowserUITelemetry stuff we're gathering for Australis.

We really should document the format we're using here to make it easier to interpret what we're recording, what we're _not_ recording, and how we're doing it.
Mike, I just landed some of this with bug 991757. Can you have a look at it and see what is still missing / could be improved? I think it could probably do (at the least) with a better explanation about the buckets, which I will happily admit I don't fully understand myself... :-)
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Whoa! We're doing Sphinx now? THANK GOODNESS! :) That's awesome.

The docs look good - though we might want to add something about buckets. Blair, do you think you'd have a few minutes to extend that documentation with the bucket stuff?
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/r/1797 - Bug 987333 - Add documentation for UITour and buckets to BrowserUITelemetry docs.

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r 20d82a2b517fdff78445865617e8c219610e6aa7
Oh, and it seems the existing UITelemetry document wasn't ever included in the generated docs:
So I've fixed that too.
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So good to have documentation. Thanks for this, Blair. :)

::: browser/docs/UITelemetry.rst
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> +- ``bucket_<NAME>|<INTERVAL>`` - Expiring buckets, which similar to a countdown timer. The ``<INTERNAL>`` in the bucket ID describes the time interval the recorded event happened in. The intervals are ``1m`` (one minute), ``3m`` (three minutes), ``10m`` (ten minutes), and ``1h`` (one hour). After one hour, the ``__DEFAULT__`` bucket is automatically used again.

"which similar" -> "which are similar",

::: browser/docs/UITelemetry.rst
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> -The UI Tour has its own section in the UI Telemetry output, outside of the ``toolbars`` section.
> +The UITour API provides ways for pages on trusted domains to safely interact with the browser UI and request it perform ations such as opening menus and showing highlights over the browser chrome - for the purposes of interactive tours. We track some usage of this API via the ``UITour`` object in the UI Telemetry output.

"request it perform" -> "request it to perform"
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