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Sound>Vibrate - what does it do?


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Is it a global vibration control, overriding all other vibration controls? (eg, Clock alarms, keyboard settings)

There's no way for the user to know.

As a power user and developer of the OS, *I* don't even know :)
Requesting UX input for better string, or context that will improve the user's understanding of what this does.
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Adding an ni? for me to add to our copy audit project.
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Switching ni back to ux team.
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I added QAwanted to see if we can definitively find out what vibrate settings does actually control. If this outside your purview please lmk.

NI Matej for string review.
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(In reply to Tiffanie Shakespeare from comment #4)
> I added QAwanted to see if we can definitively find out what vibrate
> settings does actually control. If this outside your purview please lmk.
> NI Matej for string review.

I don't see a string to review. What should I be looking at?
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Sorry Matej - I should have asked Dietrich to provide a screenshot for you. NI'ing him to do so.

If you have a device this is in Settings -> Sound, there's an option that just says vibrate. I'm hoping QA can confirm what this vibrate setting actually controls to aide you with the copy writing.

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Here is a list of functions I could think of that vibrated and whether the vibration toggle in settings affected those.  Anything marked unaffected vibrated regardless of the setting.

Home button - unaffected
typing into dialer - unaffected
typing into text field - unaffected
Taking a screenshot - unaffected
Alarm with vibrate enabled - unaffected
Timer with vibrate enabled  - unaffected
Shake to Log - unaffected

Calendar notification - affected
Receiving call - affected
Receiving a text - affected
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Keywords: qawanted
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Awesome! Thanks so much for getting back to us!

Typing into the dialer and keyboard are expected - that setting is under keyboard.

I expected the notifications to be affected by the vibrate setting.

But I find it strange that home button and shake to log are unaffected by disabling vibrate as I can't think of another setting in settings that would disable these items.

NI'ing Matej for copy suggestions given this new information as well as Harly to see if he also finds that unexpected and how we should go about fixing it.

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My thoughts on this is quite simple, the vibration in sound settings need to be related to sound, which includes notification. Therefore, I don't think we need do anything for home button as it doesn't relate to sound. But for shake to log and taking a screenshot, as it is related to notification, it should be affected by the vibration settings. However, alarm and timer has its own vibration settings which is independent from vibration in sound settings. Therefore, I propose 2 ways to solve this:

1. Remove vibrate option for alarm and timer, and both alarm and timer will follow the vibrate option in sound settings. 
2. Move the vibrate option in sound settings under Ringtone & Notifications, as this vibration will only affect sound related to ringtone & notifications.

What you guys think?
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Harly makes a really good point; this being grouped with other notification type things, this setting should really only apply to notifications - ALL notifications. It looks like we are missing some, including timer and the logs.

I do wonder though if we should move vibrate into each app (like timer and alarm) rather than having them all under the same setting. For example, you may want your phone calls, messages, and alarm to vibrate but not email or calendar alerts. 

Also, do we think it's worth it to have a setting to stop the home button from vibrating? I'm pretty sure I saw a bugging floating around about this...
Should I wait for a decision on comment 10 before weighing in on copy?
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Moving this from Sound to Ringtone & Notifications makes sense.

However, it's an improvement that will only peripherally impact this specific bug. Still need a copy improvement from Matej.

The other questions are out of scope of this bug, and clearly need a holistic review.

(I agree with Tif that alarms and timers need their own vibration settings. The dynamic of tomorrow morning's alarm not going off because I silenced my phone tonight while at a movie is *so broken* that it makes me weep for our users. And the home button vibration should just be removed - it serves no purpose. I already know that I hit the home button, both because I did it with my finger and the visual response on the screen.)
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