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Provide a Mozilla API key for desktop builds


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We are using the Mozilla Location Service in the webapp runtime, so we need a API key.
BTW, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that we'll need such a key for android webruntime as well
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webruntime developers may be able to request a api key from Mozilla.  send email to
I think dougt has provided the required direction in comment #2.
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(In reply to Doug Turner (:dougt) from comment #2)
> webruntime developers may be able to request a api key from Mozilla.  send
> email to

I've sent an email to a couple of weeks ago. Have you received it?
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I don't think each application will end up getting their own API key -- not just one for ALL applications using Mozilla Tech, right?
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We currently give out one API key per "project" and not just one for all of Mozilla. If you need one, best is to contact me in private, as I'm the one actually handing the keys out.

We don't have a clear definition of what a "project" is. Our main goal is to get some broad statistics about where traffic is coming from. And if we detect abuse from one particular API key, we'd like to be able to revoke or rate-limit it. But we need to know where the key is used, to be able to decide whether we could roll out a new key to legitimate users at all. One key that is as broad as "all of Mozilla" is more or less useless, as its just too easy to leak and we couldn't roll out a new key, as some users just don't update their software.
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