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3..44% tart regression on windows xp after the central -> aurora merge


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

Windows XP
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(Reporter: jmaher, Assigned: jandem)



(Keywords: perf, regression, Whiteboard: [talos_regression])

tart regressed on windows xp when we merged central to aurora 2 weeks ago:[[293,52,37],[293,1,37],[293,132,37]]&sel=1393701595288,1396293595288&displayrange=30&datatype=running

it is hard to determine what really happened, but it looks like this merge from b2g-inbound might be the root cause:

of course I don't see a bug from early march to call this out.  I know there were 2 weeks where I wasn't watching the tree as much and that would be right in the middle of that.

I wanted to get this on the books.  avi, did we rewrite tart and expect a regression?
(In reply to Joel Maher (:jmaher) from comment #0)
> I wanted to get this on the books.  avi, did we rewrite tart and expect a
> regression?

No and no.
did some retriggers, we don't run these tests on b2g-inbound, so I need to work of m-c for now:
bbouvier, this hasn't been getting much attention, Aurora will be going to beta in the near future.  Can you take a look at this?
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I mixed up my need info, actually jdemooij, can you comment on this bug?
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30 is our Beta now, if this is an unexpected performance change then please report in the bug about the options available for addressing it: backout offending patch, forward/speculative fix (would have to be ready to uplift in the next 2 weeks), or if there's nothing that can be done.
Sorry for the delay. This is basically the same as bug 987900 comment 8; hard to fix without adding more complexity or regressing perf elsewhere.

Joel, is this WinXP only?
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Sounds to me like a great candidate for wontfix.
as far as I can tell this is winxp only.

Looking on datazilla:

we have these subtests regressing:

Looking at the overall picture (not worrying about a this specific issue), the uplift to beta didn't show any regressions, only what could appear to be slight improvements.
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