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crash when using the Facebook searchbar or when writing a comment and FB suggest some persons/facebook sites


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Steps to reproduce:

- I start FF28 by clicking on the icon at my taskbar
- I start Facebook and log me in
- I try to perform a search, or write a comment

For example: As soon as I try to perform a search or write a comment, FB starts to suggest any names, companies, facebook sites or whatever and this (flash based?) "menu/list" pops up it crashes!

To be sure: I try to write the following comment:
"Andreas is right."
As soon as FB recognises that I might want to write "Andreas" the list of suggested names (I have actually 3 Andreas´ in my friendslist) pops up and FF crashes!

Actual results:

Firefox crashes

Expected results:

- nothing
- I finnish to write the comment or to perform the search by picking (or not picking) one (or more) of FBs suggestions
WFM on 29b4.

Could you provide a crash ID?

Like bug 969999.
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(In reply to YF (Yang) from comment #1)
> WFM on 29b4.
> Could you provide a crash ID?
> How_to_get_a_stacktrace_for_a_bug_report.
> Like bug 969999.

Unfortunately not. The crash reporter is activated, but he´s not popping up after the crash happens (why?)...
And if I start Firefox with the Windows debugger ("debug"-->"go" as mentioned in the tutorial you linked within the section "Alternative ways to get a stacktrace"-->"Create a stacktrace with Windbg"-->"start debugging")I´m not able to crash him... In fact this might be of help. Windbg seems to create an environment that prevents FF from crashing in this situation...
This would appear to be a duplicate of bug 977668, and have multiple similar reports in recent.
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Sounds like an addon.
Can you still reproduce this issue. with newer Firefox started in safe mode?
If not, please close by setting status to RESOLVED and resolution to WORKSFORME
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Keywords: crash
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Resolved per whiteboard
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