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[User Story] Identification of Apps When Swiping in Sheet Stack


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User Story

As a user I want to be able to identify which app I am looking at when swiping between apps in the sheet stack to make it easier to identify the content I am looking at at a glance (particularly for apps that have been killed by out of memory processes).

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Having opened multiple apps, swiping from the left edge brings the previous sheet into view with an identification of which app it is.
2. The identification of the app follows the UX spec.


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User Story: (updated)
Attached image Overlay spec 1/2
Attached image Overlay spec 2/2
Thanks for posting these Etienne. I will add the UI spec to the metabug shortly.
Blocks: 993119
Assignee: nobody → etienne
Whiteboard: [ucid:System185], [ft:systemsfe] → [ucid:System185], [ft:systemsfe][p=8]
Attached file WIP - missing unit tests (obsolete) —
Here's my WIP, still have to fix unit tests and add new ones.
Blocks: haida
QA Contact: rafael.marquez
Attached file Gaia PR
Ready for a first round of review.

The gist of this patch is that swiping quickly from app to app should be like navigating in the cardview, ie. we should broadcast an app change only once the user decided which app to open.
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Gaia PR

Roughly 1st run and we have better to fix the broken tests. Not sure what happened though.
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Gaia PR

Comments addressed, build all green, small bug where we showed the overlay for a bit when coming from the card-view fixed.

Ready for review :)
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Gaia PR

r=me thanks! I will find some time to figure out how to integrate custom transition with ATC gracefully.
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landed with the latest comments addressed.
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Mass modify - set status-b2g-v2.0 fixed for fixed bugs under vertical homescreen dependency tree.
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