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resize event for video


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Steps to reproduce:

HTML5 defines two case when this event should be firing for video element:

- when video has been fetched ( << step 5

- whenever the intrinsic width or intrinsic height of the video changes (, for example, because the selected video track was changed.

At now this event is fired only for window (when resize). I see someon working on the implementation of videoTracks ( so maybe resize event should be implemented too.
Upgrade: Chrome 34 support this event for video element.
Assignee: nobody → pehrsons
Depends on: 879717
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Since resize does not bubble, this should be somewhat safe (scripts listening for the resize on Window don't usually deal with this event). And given the Chrome has this too, should be ok to implement.
Great! I'll have a patch ready fairly soon I think. Though there are quite some changes to when loadedmetadata is fired in bug 879717 so we'll have to wait for that one before landing anyhow.
My event-fu is a bit.. limited. This seemed like a reasonable patch but it causes some errors. See (M-4/5 and M-oth).

I'm guessing some sort of conflict between WINDOW_EVENT and EVENT, but don't know enough to resolve it. smaug, any assisting you can provide would be very appreciated.
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Hmm, why EventNameType_HTMLBodyOrFramesetOnly. 

But I don't really know about those test failures. Are we handling resize event somewhere?
Or are those tests expecting certain stuff to be in the event loop so that they fail when something 
is added there (DispatchAsyncEvent seems to be some MediaElement related Runnable).
You might want to try to dispatch some random namely event. Does such break the tests too?

I assume you can reproduce at least some of those failures locally.
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The test failure is only related to making the resize event global and changing the macro. This is a patch for 100% repro rate. Just apply it on top of m-c.

I don't know enough about events to dig into this without spending too much time on it I'm afraid. If you have an idea, or if you know who might, I'd appreciate it!
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So, I was just using the wrong macro =/

Patches and trypush on their way now.
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I think the failures there are due to a patch for another bug that was actually untested. Here's a new try without it. Also just rebased on m-c.
Comment on attachment 8531976 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 1. Make onresize event handler global and forwarded

>                 NS_LOAD,
>                 EventNameType_All,
>                 eBasicEventClass)
>+                NS_RESIZE_EVENT,
>+                (EventNameType_HTMLXUL | EventNameType_SVGSVG),
I think we should use EventNameType_All here, since GlobalEventHandlers anyway adds the onfoo property to all the
svg elements.
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Comment on attachment 8531980 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 3. Test video element resize event

Review of attachment 8531980 [details] [diff] [review]:

r+ with that. Thanks!!!

::: dom/media/test/test_video_dimensions.html
@@ +23,5 @@
> +    var v =;
> +    ok(!v.resize, v.testName + " should only fire resize once for same size");
> +    v.resize = true;
> +    is(v.videoWidth, test.width, v.testName + " width should be set on resize");
> +    is(v.videoHeight, test.height, v.testName + " height should be set on resize");

Please also test that 'resize' is fired after 'durationchange'.
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Also tests that 'durationchange' comes before 'resize' per comment 15, carrying r=roc.
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Trivial change to fix the failures on B2G here:

We were checking that "durationchange" was only fired once but it may be fired multiple times if the media element's duration changes - i.e., if it's playing a stream and finishes.

Also adds some logging for easier debugging. Carries forward r=roc.
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Tests are not all done yet but they seem to be doing well. Please check in when they have finished.
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Fixing bug 879717 first.
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part 3 failed to apply: 

adding 992685 to series file
renamed 992685 -> 0003-Bug-992685-Part-3.-Test-video-element-resize-event.-.patch
applying 0003-Bug-992685-Part-3.-Test-video-element-resize-event.-.patch
patching file dom/media/test/test_video_dimensions.html
Hunk #1 FAILED at 13
1 out of 1 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file dom/media/test/test_video_dimensions.html.rej
patch failed, unable to continue (try -v)
patch failed, rejects left in working dir

could you take a look thanks!
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Sure thing. This was just rebased, carrying r=roc.
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Based on the fact that the other similar global event handlers (onblur, onfocus, onload, etc. See don't have these exceptions.
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Sorry, that was a bit fast. Now also fixing the two UNEXPECTED-PASS media-source tests.
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Depends on: 1126851
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