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[Camera][Buri] viewfinder stays zoomed in and doesn't restore to original size until app killed


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(b2g-v1.4 fixed, b2g-v2.0 fixed)

1.4 S5 (11apr)
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b2g-v1.4 --- fixed
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This could be a user story bug.  if by design, point me to the user story and mark invalid.  otherwise, i think this is a bad user design bug.

When the camera app is pinch-zoomed in, the viewfinder should restore to original size after the app changes mode (camera <-> video), or exit app and relaunch.   The only way the viewfinder is restored to its original zoom level, is after you force kill the camera process.

1) install 1.4 nightly build on Buri
Gaia      86de7fcce674ef6196d68e7e23552d219a3d72db
BuildID   20140407000203
Version   30.0a2
2) launch camera, then pinch zoom all the way in the viewfinder
3) Verify this zoomed-in level stays persisted even if you change camera mode (ie. switch to video), or even quit the app and relaunch.   

- we should reset the zoom level if the user chooses to exit or switch the camera mode.   It's like a fresh start, and that's what android and iphone does

- the zoom mode is persisted until the app is killed.
Note: The user can still zoom out at any time by using the pinch gesture. Flagging UX for input here on if we should "reset" zoom level to 1.0x when mode (photo/video) is changed.
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Severity: normal → enhancement
I agree with Tony - we should be resetting the zoom level back to square one when switching between photo and video. I like Tony's wording of a "fresh start" :)
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Lets the blockers fixed first, before looking into these changes to reset
Severity: enhancement → critical
blocking-b2g: 1.4? → ---
I saw the comment in, discussing if zoom is a feature requirement or not. if it is, we should keep this one in the backlog.   fine for not 1.4 blocking, but dont want to lose any zoom blockers.
Blocks: 991962
Summary: [Camera] viewfinder stays zoomed in and doesn't restore to original size until app killed → [Camera][Buri] viewfinder stays zoomed in and doesn't restore to original size until app killed
Assignee: nobody → jdarcangelo
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The code looks good to me, though I didn't take the time to actually test it, so please be sure you've tested carefully.

Does the camera get reconfigured on blur/focus? So when we return to the homescreen and then re-open an already-running camera, will the zoom level be reset?  Tony requested that, though I'm not sure whether UX weighted in on that or just on the still/video switch.
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Yes, the following actions will cause the zoom level to be reset:

- Toggling between Photo/Video modes
- Toggling between front/rear cameras
- Exiting to homescreen and re-opening app
Seems like zoom is reseting when
- toggling between video/photo modes
- exiting camera and returning (in both modes)
- landscape and portrait seem to hold the behaviour

The only thing I would like to see fixed would be going into preview and coming back resets zoom as well. Let's just maintain a consistent behaviour across all "leaving viewfinder" scenarios.

I also noticed that the camera doesn't re-focus on its own but does a good job when tapping the shutter/record button. I'm not sure if that is part of this patch or if that is even part of this release or considered related to the auto-focus work...?
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pull-request (master)

Looks great - zoom level resets in all the scenarios I could think of:
1. Exit app
2. Switch between photo/video
3. Return from preview

I didn't notice any bugginess but only quickly reviewed it.
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