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A new landing page for the Python Programming Language


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What problems would this solve?
As the Python Programming Language is used for most of the tools of the back-trace driven environment of Mozilla, providing sufficient learning resources for starters at the language is necessary, and also a further guide for them towards contributing to Mozilla in Python.

Who would use this?
Starters, who are passionate to learn Python for contributing to the Mozilla's Developer's network.

What would users see?
A brand-new landing page for Python enthusiasts to start their journey towards contributing to the Mozilla codebase.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
Users would efficiently make use of the learning resources, thereby improving the number of active contributors in the python programming side of MDN.

Is there anything else we should know?
Component: General → Developer Program
Assignee: nobody → eshepherd
Component: Developer Program → MDN User Docs
Product: Mozilla Developer Network → Developer Documentation
Component: MDN User Docs → Learning Area
Is there any progress in this? If not, I would be more than happy to assign it to myself and start documentation.
There has been some discussion about adding a Python tutorial[1] in the Learning Area of MDN. That's not quite the same as a Python landing page, but the conversation should give you an idea of the current sentiment about it. At the very least, coordinate with Klez about work in this area.

FYI, work has already begun[0].

We decided to use python 3.

We have an outline and some content, but we're planning on changing the outline a bit.

If you could attend the Learning Area Meeting on monday it would be great. Otherwise, feel free to add to the conversation linked to by Janet. Or just jump in and write some content :) At this stage it would be better to just have content for the Learn Python Basics section.

Great to hear. I didn't notice the post in the mailing list, so wasn't informed about the developments.

Thanks for sharing the link.
Assignee: eshepherd → nobody
Whiteboard: [specification][type:feature]
Priority: -- → P5
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