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[meta] Extend and improve JS crash diagnostics


(Core :: JavaScript: GC, defect, P3)






(Reporter: terrence, Unassigned)


(Depends on 3 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

For as long as we've had crash reporting, we've been plauged by a trickle of crashes in the GC that appear to be due to problems elsewhere in the code or hardware. At today's GC meeting we brainstormed ideas to help find and fix these lingering bugs.

The plan:
  Add extra assertions to debug and fuzzing builds which can be independently enabled in opt builds. As we identify specific symptoms, we can flip these flags on for a few days on nightly, on select platforms, to find specific problems. These flags should aim for <10% performance regression, but this is a soft limit depending on the urgency and severity of the identified crashes.
Depends on: 567392
Depends on: 995648
Depends on: 995649
Depends on: 995652
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: flash10 → ---
Priority: P2 → --
Summary: [meta] Operation crash like you mean it → [meta] Extend and improve JS crash diagnostics
Target Milestone: --- → flash10
Blocks: GC.stability
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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