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mochitest-browser leaks SimpleTest methods from previous test run until overriden


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The mochitest-browser harness overrides SimpleTest methods with ones defined by the testScope instance. That's not cleaned up and can make the last test in a test run being accused of leaking global variables.

We have many of those failures in the last days due to m-bc chunking, let's fix this.
I tried using Cu.cloneInto() for a nice one-line fix but that didn't work, it failed for some reason.
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FTR, I tested that this fix works with one of the previous failures we encountered.
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Bleh. Would be nice to figure out a cleaner way to do this, but let's stop the bleeding at least.
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It's quite possible I'm confused here, but isn't the "Restore original SimpleTest methods" code setting properties on a different |this| than the "Override SimpleTest methods with ours" code?

+    SIMPLETEST_OVERRIDES.forEach(function(m) {
       this.SimpleTest[m] = this[m];
     }, this.currentTest.scope);

this is setting this.currentTest.scope.SimpleTest[m]

+      SIMPLETEST_OVERRIDES.forEach(m => {
+        this.SimpleTest[m] = this.SimpleTestOriginal[m];
+      });

this is setting this.SimpleTest[m]
The current code is quite confusing... A few lines above the loop we do:

this.currentTest.scope.SimpleTest = this.SimpleTest;

So they are the same instances of SimpleTest. The first loop then copies values like this:

this.currentTest.scope.SimpleTest[m] = this.currentTest.scope[m];

We are thus leaking because we copy methods from the |testScope| instance to the |Tester.SimpleTest| property before each test run. I chose |this.SimpleTest| for cleanup because I thought that would be easier to understand than going through the this.currentTest.scope.SimpleTest indirection.
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