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Split MIRType_Magic into one distinct type per magic constant


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While discussing some bugs that part 1 of bug 716647, Jan suggested that the
MIRTypes for magic arguments vs the magic optimized out value have separate
types. This worked well, and got rid of a lot of nasty corner cases around
phi-merging magic constants. While rewriting that patch, I found it necessary
to refactor some TI and Ion stuff, so putting these refactor patches here.
Ion is the sole consumer of TI, so I see no reason to go from TI -> JSValueType
-> MIRType, especially since this means we can lose precision about the magic
arguments type: if the JSVAL_TYPE_ARGUMENTS came from TI, then it must mean
MIRType_MagicOptimizedArguments, since TI doesn't observe other magic types in
general. But if Ion tries to get the MIRType of some arbitrary magic value, it
shouldn't be MIRType_MagicOptimizedArguments.

This patches changes TI's JIT-oriented methods to work with MIRTypes directly
instead of via JSValueType.
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Actually does the split inside Ion.
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Blocks: 716647
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Make TypeSets work with MIRTypes directly

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I wasn't sure about this at first, but after looking at the patch it's nice to get rid of these JSValueType <-> MIRType conversions everywhere.
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Split MIRType_Magic into one type for each magic constant

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