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[rule view] Use new theme colors for marking changed rules


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I'm going to merge the three OS specific ruleview.css files into one, then update that one to use the new colors to show the green left border next to changed rules
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Not a huge change, just a 1px bigger border and using theme colors from to make the changes a bit more noticable
Attached patch ruleview-changes-pt1.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch just pulls the three separate ruleview.css files into one.  There were two differences that were only in OSX (Windows and Linux were the same):

In .ruleview-header there was a margin-top: 4px in Windows/Linux but not OSX.  I've wrapped this in an %ifndef XP_MACOSX to keep the same styling.
In OSX the following rule existed but wasn't in the others:

+.ruleview-rule-pseudo-element {
+  padding-left:20px;
+  border-left: solid 10px;

This puts the border next to pseudo elements.  I'm not sure why it isn't in the others - I've added it back in unconditionally, but we could add it only in OSX if it has caused an issue.   I've pushed to try it out on windows/linux:
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This uses the updated theme colors, and adds 1px extra to the border to call more attention to it.  I took the screenshot from attachment 8406876 [details] with both of these patches applied.
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Review of attachment 8406884 [details] [diff] [review]:

The screenshot looks great.
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Review of attachment 8406883 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: browser/themes/shared/devtools/ruleview.css
@@ +21,5 @@
> +  border-bottom-style: solid;
> +  padding: 1px 4px;
> +%ifndef XP_MACOSX
> +  margin-top: 4px;
> +%endif

For some reason having this condition end before the -moz-user-select causes test failures like:  I will upload a new patch where this condition happens at the end of the rule
Excited about how spectacularly I was able to break the test by changing only a couple lines of CSS.  Turns out I forgot to add the asterisk in front of the css to enable CSS preprocessing, so the following -moz-user-select property didn't get applied, which caused the test failures.  New push:
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