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Fix send button in messaging to send message on one tap.


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Sometimes hitting the send button only closes the keyboard but does not send the message. Expected behavior: the send button in messaging should send the message on one tap.
I think there are mainly two possibilities:

1) we are losing the click to the status bar
2) inside our document the button area isn't big enough

I looked into the possibility that there was some focus/blur-related race in regards to us disabling the send button.  However, we only mess with 'aria-disabled' on the send button.  aria-disabled is purely a hint to the accessibility layer (and may be used for explicit CSS styling as is done in the building blocks), but will not stop generation of a click event.  Additionally, we update 'oninput' for the address fields which means unless the system is ridiculously lagged, there's very little chance of that attribute even being set.

For the first case, the options seem to be:
- Make the system app / platform artificially reduce the click sensitivity area of the status bar so it needs to be more edgy/edge-gesturey.
- Display the send icon lower so the user clicks further away from the status bar.  Building blocks controls this.

For the second case, that's also a building blocks thing.

Since these are likely to be Gaia-wide issues and this bug is filed by UX on a meta-bug I'll leave it to UX to discuss options with the system app team and the building blocks teams and track as appropriate.
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I used to notice this all the time before, but haven't recently - will keep an eye out for it.
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Chris - can we close this bug?
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I've not noticed this recently, but I may have changed my habits to be more precise about pressing the send button. It still seems like quite a small target, 3rem x 4rem. For comparison, the 'back' button in the header, which I find I never miss, is 5rem x 5rem.

I think it may be worth making the button visible a little wider and making the hit-area extend vertically above the visible hit-area.
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