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Changing prefs in about:config often doesn't get saved


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Nexus 4, running recent m-c code:
1. Start fennec and load a page (
2. Observe that no tile borders (green lines overlayed on the content) are painted
3. Open a new tab and go to about:config
4. Find the layers.draw-tile-borders pref and toggle it to true
5. Observe that now there are green lines overlayed on everything
6. Close the about:config tab. Observe there are green lines on the other tab content
7. Use the Android app switcher and swipe away fennec to close it
8. Repeat step 1

Tile borders pref is still set to true and tile borders are still visible

pref is reset back to false! :(
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It seems that this is somewhat intermittent. Sometimes the prefs get saved and sometimes they don't. I suspect we only flush to disk at particular times and it's possible to exit fennec without flushing them to disk. For example, if you replace step 7 with "adb install -r fennec.apk" then you can consistently reproduce this. I think it might be good to flush to disk when we unload the about:config tab, if that's possible.
can someone mentor this bug?
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We could call Services.prefs.savePrefFile(null) in AboutConfig.uninit() (which is already triggered on page unload) ... but I don't think that helps when swiping close via app switcher
Note that I do close the about:config tab as part of the STR, so the unload handler on the page should be running. Of course it would it would be nice to not have to do that either.
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So currently, pref changes are saved when Fennec moves to background by tapping the device menu before app-swiping close, but not when we finish about:config by tab-swipe close.

The main confusing STR that I can repro is where a user will:
   1) Make a pref change via:
        -Add new pref,
        -Reset-to-default by: button click, or,
        -Change-value by:
           toggle button click
           integer up/down arrow click
           integer/string value manual keying

   2) Manually close the about:config tab

   3) Install new version while Fennec still active.

This patch will catch these situations .. we basically savePrefFile() whenever changes are made and about:config tab is closed.

If there's another trappable way to force Fennec closed that avoids flushing prefs, I'll be happy to address that :-)
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meh, (working too hard again)

The patch is even simpler, as Preferences already avoids duplicate writes

So we can just always do the call in uninit()
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Review of attachment 8409385 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think we'd be well within our rights to do writes whenever prefs change in about:config. But this seems like a simpler fix. Lets see what the masses think :)
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Yah, I thought about that too but figured I'd be over-ruled on review to avoid (potential) extraneous updates ... "damned if yah do!"  :-D
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