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B2G RIL: let each network handle its own host routes


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We want to remove all the host routes handling in NetworkManager, NetworkManager will only handle network policies and the default route for each network. Each network will need to take of their own host routes. Then, we can remove those network specific stuff in NetworkManager.
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Depends on: 939046
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The issue found in bug 1003247 will be a problem for this bug.
If we want to let each network handle its own host routes, and if the host routes need to be resolved first, we have to toggle the flag, but is now handled in NetworkManager.
The ideal case is that when NetworkManager sends "network-connection-state-changed" event, all the routes are properly set. But as mentioned in comment 1, if we want to let each network handle its own host routes, and if the host routes need to be resolved, it have to wait till NetworkManager toggles the flag.

One way to do this is to let NetworkManager and NetworkInterface exchange messages after is set and before "network-connection-state-changed" event is sent, this will ensure host routes are set properly by NetworkInterface before NetworkManager sends the "network-connection-state-changed" event. However, this adds some overhead and it is not that flexible. So per offline discussion, we'd still like NetworkManager to handle 'general' host routes, like dnses and http proxy. Other extra host routes will be handled by each component, e.g. MmsService now handles mmsc routing.

If everyone else is okay with this, we'd close this as WONTFIX.
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