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Reenable most disabled unit tests on TBPL


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::TestAgent, defect)

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Most unit tests run successfully on TBPL now. We should reenable them.
Attached file github PR with render_test (obsolete) —
Try is

The try when enabling the latest test was failing, it's
Assignee: nobody → felash
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Retriggering 6 times to hunt for intermittents.
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github PR with render_test

Thanks.  The retriggers were all green!
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That's great, hope it sticks!

Thanks Jonathan!

master: 22c2e53548dbc69c220c4eb943a99af9174b681a
Closed: 9 years ago
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Re-added render_test.js in the list of disabled tests.

Carrying r+ from the previous patch
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Do we know why the try push was green, but the actual push not?
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There were some changes to that test yesterday, so that's the most likely reason, IMO.
oh right, and actually, these changes were reverted too.

So maybe we can try to remerge the initial pull request?
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I'll do a new rebased try tomorrow when will be up again.
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try is
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Jonathan, both try are green, should I reland the patch which enable render_test.js too (I mean, the same one than before) ? Probably the failure were due to the changes that happened to render_test.js as you said, and which were backed out anyway.
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Yes, please re-land the original patch.
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master: 0d0746788fad5cb60937a8cc668b13fc6eadb105
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How could that happen? Why don't I see these failures in the Gaia try?

NI me to push the other commit then, we'll keep render_test disabled for now.
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github PR, render_test is disabled

carrying r=jgriffin
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master: 4a9beccde787ef22b03700cb536488172a0057f6

crossing fingers
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