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UI issues when tiles are dragged out of the tab then resize (tiles locked at old size/position)


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firefox30 --- wontfix
firefox31 - wontfix
firefox32 - affected
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firefox35 --- affected
firefox36 --- affected
firefox-esr31 + wontfix


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Build ID: 20140422030204

While verifying bug 994185 I've encountered some issues for the Newtab page tiles. I've attached a video showing them.

1. Open Firefox.
2. Open a new tab or go to about:newtab.
3. Resize the window until one row/column disappear.
4. Drag the last downwards, under the last row.

- several issues can be seen; tiles will overlap into the last position.
- scrollbars are shown.
- after maximizing the window, the tiles are misplaced.

This started to reproduce on 2014-03-26 Nightly, when the fix for 980014 landed.
Added the video to the URL, could not attach it due to it's size.
Blocks: tiles-dev
Component: Tabbed Browser → General
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Component: General → New Tab Page
> This started to reproduce on 2014-03-26 Nightly, when the fix for 980014 landed.

Marking this is a regression from bug 980014. Based on what I've seen this is a bit of an edge-case so I don't think this should block the feature from shipping. However we should address this in Firefox 32 Beta if possible. We should also pay attention to user feedback in release in case we need to pref this off if it becomes explosively negative.
Wontfix for 31 but it is low risk, we could take a patch for ESR31.
Attached patch v1 backout (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Depends on: 1038997
Ed - I think we want a separate backout bug as this bug will still need to be fixed on 32.
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v1 backout

Created bug 1038997 for the beta backout.
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Not a regression: 30 was affected too...
The overlapping tiles here was caused by something other than bug 980014 since I can reproduce this in Firefox 30. Cornel, I think this needs further testing and each issue should be broken out into their own bug. We need to figure out when each individual issue regressed (if they are indeed regressions).

FWIW, I think this investigation should occur in parallel to releasing Firefox 31 as is.
No longer blocks: 980014
ashughes helped explain how to reproduce this on 31RC2 and 30; and because it reproduces on 30, it's not a regression from bug 980014.

The simplest STR:
1) make sure there's at least 2 tiles on the newtab page
2) drag a tile out of the window to another window (console, text, browser, etc.)
3) resize the window and see some tiles locked at the before-resize size

My best guess right now is that step 2 initiates a drag but doesn't trigger the end of the drag, so that newtab page still marks the tiles as "locked" (in position and size).
No longer blocks: tiles-dev
No longer depends on: 1038997
Summary: UI issues when the window is resized until 2x3/3x2 grid is displayed → UI issues when tiles are dragged out of the tab then resize (tiles locked at old size/position)
Not a regression, and only visible in certain unusual dragging scenarios - I think we shouldn't be tracking this for upcoming releases.
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After further investigations I've notice that these issues started to reproduce way back to Firefox 13 (build ID: 20120601045813), when the Tile Grid was introduced on the New Page.
Depends on: 1068354
I'm working on bug 1068354
the mozregession is the same, so I will put this information here aswell.

2013-07-24 = bad
2013-07-23 = good
Blocks: 894345
No longer tracking this as it doesn't meet criteria and has shipped with little impact to our users.
Duplicate of this bug: 1174561

This bug has been closed due to inactivity and/or the potential for this bug to no longer be an issue with the new Discovery Stream-powered New Tab experience.
Please help us triage by reopening if this issue still persists and should be addressed.

Closed: 2 years ago
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