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Awesome bar suggestions don't work with AIType keyboard


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Steps to reproduce:

When I use AItype as the keyboard on my device, the suggestions on the Awesome Bar don't work right. When I begin typing a word, for example, "Radio," Firefox correctly displays a list of suggested sites from my history that contain that word.  However, when I tap on one of the suggestions, instead of going to that site, it simply repeats the word in the Awesome Bar:  "radioradio"

Actual results:

Tapping a suggested site from the Awesome Screen makes the search phrase display twice in the Awesome Bar. This only occurs with AItype as the keyboard. The Android default keyboard does not display this behavior.

Expected results:

Tapping on the suggested site should load the site.
OS: Windows 7 → Android
On LG Nexus 4 (Android 4.4.2) if I type on the search suggestions I am redirected to that site.
Can you please tell me what device and OS do you have?
And can you reproduce using Firefox Nightly for Android (
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Yes, the same thing occurs with the Nightlys. If I type, for instance, "face" in the awesome bar, Firefox properly suggests  But when I tap on the suggestion, instead of taking me to Facebook, the word "faceface" appears in the bar. 

The device is a Motorola Photon running Android 2.3 and AItype Keyboard Plus
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Component: Awesomescreen → Keyboards and IME
Related to bug 990314?
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I could reproduce on my 2.2 device, and unfortunately the new autocomplete code doesn't seem to fix it :(
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Thanks. I've noticed that on some occasions, Firefox eventually will load the proper site.  So if I type "face" in the awesome bar and tap the "Facebook" suggestion, it will display "faceface" in the bar, but still eventually load  On other occasions, though it will display "faceface" in the bar, then crash.
I'm inclined to think it's a bug in AIType, but this patch seems to work around the problem.
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Restart input after hiding it during blur (v1)

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As long as it doesn't cause any regressions :-)
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