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Yahoo search plugin should use nresults param for smaller requests


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There's other stuff we can use (see bug 1001528 for an explanation), but for mobile we should adopt nresults right now, since we only use the first four results, and that makes the request half the size on average.  I'm going to make this a MozParam so we can share between plugins/tweak the value centrally.

Note that this also cleans up the search plugin to use a properly parameterized search suggestion URL, which will made testing easier (i.e. how we've done desktop in bug 998071 )

Note that this patch is untested because I still don't have a working Android build VM.  Maybe next week!
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I tested this patch, and it works.

::: mobile/android/app/mobile.js
@@ +239,5 @@
>  // pointer to the default engine name
>  pref("", "chrome://browser/locale/");
> +// maximum number of search suggestions, as a string because the search service expects a string pref
> +pref("", "4")

You're missing a semicolon. You need to add that for this patch to work.

@@ -523,5 @@
> -pref("", "moz35");
> -pref("", "moz35");
> -pref("", "mozff");
> -#endif

What were these bits used for before?
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Those removed bits were the desktop codes, which we just don't use now (we've got mozilla_mobile_search everywhere)
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Mike, is this bug going to land on other branches? Currently is only on central.
Asking to be sure it's safe to update l10n searchplugin on Aurora with these settings.
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Good point, I'll ask for uplift so we can roll it in.

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User impact if declined: unnecessary data usage
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Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): very minimal
String or IDL/UUID changes made by this patch: n/a

Uplifting this will allow us to apply this change across Yahoo plugins (which get updated on Aurora) as a part of a larger update to those plugins.  Should be very very safe.
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