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Scrolling problem in the folder pane


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(Reporter: fenella, Assigned: hyatt)



(Whiteboard: [PR1])

Linux (1999-07-16-08 m9)
Summary: Now that Sidebar is implemented in the folder pane, the folder pane
only gets half of the screen. So, a scroll bar comes up when folders fill up the
folder pane. But the scroll bar does not work properly.
1. Use a prefs50.js with three servers ( 1 pop, 1 imap, and 1 news)
2. Bring up Messenger, click on the first mail server to display the folders, so
that it fills up the folder pane
3. Click on the third mail server, scroll bar comes up when the folders are
finished loading.
3. Click on the scroll bar to scroll down
4. Scroll bar begins to scroll up and down automatically, it does not allow
me to make any selection.  This problem also happens in the thread pane.
I have not tried Win32 and Mac in this build.
QA Contact: lchiang → nbaca
Using 19990721 on linux, the scroll bar has another strange scenario.
1. Click and hold the bar and drag it to the bottom.
2. All the folders (I have 60+) scroll up leaving only the bottom folder
displayed at the top of the sidebar and the scroll bar has been squished up to
the top of the sidebar.
3. To get the side bar to fill the pane again, you have to click the top arrow
until it displays the folders to fill the sidebar again.
4. At this time the folders are re-arranged
Does this occur on Win32 or Mac?
I haven't seen fenella's problem on Win32.  But I've seen Esther's a lot.
1999072616M9: Win32/NT4, Linux Redhat/5.2, Mac 8.5.1

I have not experiences Fenella's scenario but I used to see Esther's. Trying the
7/2616 build I can hold the scroll bar down in the folder pane and drag it to
the end of the list so it only shows the last folder. Then I can drag the scroll
bar up slightly to view more folders. I can also click on the up arrow key which
produces the same results. Esther, is this working on your system?

But if I scroll down to the end and try to click onto the area right above the
scroll bar nothing happens. I would have expected the scroll bar to move
Workaround: If I select the scroll bar and hold the mouse down while scrolling
up a little then I can place my cursor slightly above the scroll bar and it
moves as epxected.
Which target milestone are these scroll bar bugs targeted for?  Thanks.
Blocks: 11091
Target Milestone: M9 → M10
Whiteboard: [PR1]
Sounds like this needs to be fixed for PR1, so I added a note to the Status
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Build 1999090208M10: Win32/NT4, Mac 8.5.1
Build 1999090108M10: Linux/Redhat 6.0
Verified Fixed.

With about 60 folders displayed between 5 different accounts I am able to:
- drag the scroll bar down and up and many folders display.
- click onto the up and down arrow buttons and folders display as expected,
advancing one folder at a time.
- click onto the area right above or below the scroll bar and the folders
display as expected.

The problem still exists where after scrolling the account folder disappears and
then reappears after scrolling again but that is a known issue in bug# 10603.
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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