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After a (caldav) password change multiple password dialogs are still shown after bug 991723


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Unfortunately the patch in bug 991723 didn't take care of all cases. Our auth code is a little outdated with the new msgAsyncPrompter, we can do a lot of simplifications.

I will be uploading two patches, one for 2.6.5 - 3.3 that is less risky, and one for 3.4+ that does some more cleanup. I have tested this with two caldav servers and it seems to work fine.
Starting with the release patch for now so we can get 2.6.5 out of the door. Cross your fingers that this works as expected!
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Patch for 2.6.5 - 3.3

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Looks good. Tested with Sogo syncing 3 calendars via CALDAV, and changing all of their passwords on the servers. Lightning displayed 3 password prompts.
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Patch for 2.6.5 - 3.3

Mark, I would like to manually include this with Lightning 2.6.5, which has been built with Thunderbird 24.5.0. Therefore, I'd like to push it to comm-release's default and GECKO2450_2014042411_RELBRANCH, then retag THUNDERBIRD_24_5_0_RELEASE and THUNDERBIRD_24_5_0_BUILD1. Do you approve?
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Patch for 2.6.5 - 3.3

Sure, seems reasonable
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I'm pushing this patch for all branches, even c-c. In case I don't get to the complete patch it wouldn't be so great to lose this functionality again.

I will work on the new patch for c-c in a different bug.
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Philipp, how is this targeting 2.6.5 as the version has already been released? ;)
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I cheated and patched the XPI manually before I uploaded it to AMO. I believe I also patched releases.m.o, but go ahead and double check.
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