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Update PSL for .nz


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Not set





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I'm CEO if the .nz registry and this email is being sent from our email address which is used for the technical contact for .nz in the IANA database.   I can provide further identity verification if required.

We are in the process of transitioning .nz to allow registrations directly under the second level.  For now we request an interim change and later this year I will request the full change.

Currently the entry for .nz is


Please change this to


In case you are wondering, is our site that explains what the changes to .nz are all about.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

kind regards

-- Jay Daley Chief Executive .nz Registry Services (New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited)
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Gerv, according to the patches provided in Bug 880625 from Aaron and Tobias, the .nz can be expanded into.

 // nz :

I would consider to apply that diff instead of the exception.

I'll write back to Jay Daley to ask him to join the conversation and approve this change.

-- Simone
Simone, to make sure I understand your diff, I think it says that .nz is not under the registrant control nor are any of these further second levels and so any second level not listed, like, would be under the registrant control?  If so then that part is correct.

However the list of second levels is not correct as we have an IDN in there too.  The diff should be:

 // nz :

I'll just ask my colleagues to double check and provide a final approval asap.

We've double checked the diff from my last comment and we can approve that.  I can confirm from the email address on the IANA database if required.

Hi Hay,

Actually my comment was simpler than your understanding posted in #3, but the result is the same. In general, we tend to prefer to list all the suffixes rather than having a wildcard match. The final result is the same, but as far as I remember some consumers of the PSL expressed such preference.

I'm preparing the new patch, thank you.
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I'm preparing a patch with the list of suffixes.
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Jay, I was meant to write Jay, not Hay. Sorry for the typo.
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Thanks Simone.  I notice that the diff you have created uses the punycode not the unicode version of mā but the rest of the publicsuffix list uses unicode names.  Is this correct?
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Thanks Jay, you are right. I updated the patch.
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