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[Notes+] Restore Evernote integration for Gecko 18


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We received this email from a Notes+ user:

> Yesterday the notes+ app was updated and the "sync with evernote " feature was
> lost! What happened? I've been using successfully notes linked with evernote on 
> Firefox os on Alcatel One Touch Fire for several months, with not even 
> one problem. I got notified about the update, i did it and then the Evernote 
> feature was disappeared! Tried to remove and re-install the app but the outcome 
> was the same. I use it a lot on my work and it would be really nice if i could 
> have it back. :/

We intentionally blocked Evernote on Gecko 18 devices (FxOS 1.0 & 1.1) in bug 986726 because we believe it is using APIs not available in that Gecko version. I am not able to successfully sync on a 1.1 device but in the interest of trying to get users up & running again, it is relatively harmless to re-enable Evernote for all devices on the Notes+ app.

Note that we will not relax the Gecko version check on the Notes app, which has a much larger installed user base and we only exposed the Evernote integration there in early May, so there are no 1.0/1.1 Notes users who have the integration set up.
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