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Add-ons for Australis winner promo


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The winners of the Add-ons for Australis contest have been announced, and we'd like to promote them on the AMO homepage.

Please use this image:

With this overlay text:

Congratulations to the winners of the Add-ons for Australis contest!

The Fox, Only Better
Noia Fox

Personalize your Firefox now >

Link to:
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Having no detailed mockup, I'm doing this suggestion: extend the CollectionPromo.
Which means that we will create a dedicated collection with the three plugins we want.
So this can look like this: (needs final discussion and at least final texts).
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I like that idea. However, let's go with this background because the original one makes it too cluttered with the three collections overlaid:

Let's use this for the large yellow text: Congratulations to the winners of the Add-ons for Australis contest!

And use this for the small white text: Personalize your Firefox now > (link to

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New quick and dirty update according to your notes.
Some questions:
- should we keep the yellow color for the big text? It seems to me that with the new background we have lost a little bit of contrast, and thus of readability
- should we keep the yellow text that big? I've already reduced the three addons blocks height, but now the margin in the bottom is very little, maybe we should try to make it consistent with top margin?
- note that both title and subtitle are clickable
- should we keep "Personalize your Firefox now" as subtitle, as it's an *action* label, but it's pointing to a blog post

Thanks :)
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- You're right, the yellow looks terrible against that background. We should go with this color scheme:

- Maybe we can shorten the text to "Winners of the Add-ons for Australis Contest" (no exclamation point). Would this fit?

- I don't mind both the title and subtitle linking to the blog post

- Yes, I'd like to keep the subtitle

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Is that ok?
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- Can we bump up the title size if we shortened again, to "Add-ons for Australis Contest Winners" ?

- You're right about the subtitle--let's remove it.

- You'll need this collection to feed in the content:
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Like this? :)
Great, thanks!
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