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Remove the expando hackery we have for window.window


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Right now this is explicitly defined as an expando on Window.  We should probably move to using a StoreInSlot property.
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We really want to use StoreInSlot here, but need to make that work with our situation in this case, where outerizing while creating the window object will crash.  Basically, need to special-case this getter somehow.
Note to self: talked to Peter and there are two options:

1)  Just special-case the codegen to not spit out the "get in the wrapping func" bit for window.window.

2)  Change window.window to have a self-hosted getter of some sort.  We'd need to figure out what sort, and how to have it do (or in Ion not do as needed!) this typechecks.
BTW, I'd be ok with doing 1 for now if 2 is going to take too long.
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This makes things pretty close to as fast as they used to be.  The one issue left is a pointless guard on the window's shape; I filed bug 1100757 on that.
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part 3.  When doing a DOM slot get in Ion, check whether we're doing a get of a constant value on a singleton object (e.g. .window) and if so just use the constant value directly

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Yeah, this is cute. r=me
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part 2.  Stop defining a value property named "window" on the global

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::: dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp
@@ +2597,5 @@
>      if (!aState) {
> +      // Get the "window" property once so it will be cached on our inner.  We
> +      // have to do this here, not in binding code, because this has to happen
> +      // after we've created the GetWrapperPreserveColor() for our outer.

Hmm, that last sentence doesn't make sense, did you mean "after we've created our new outer window proxy"?
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I meant created it and set it on the outer nsGlobalWindow.  I'll adjust the comment to make that clearer.
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part 1.  Add one more available reserved slot on globals, because we need it for Window

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All yours.
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