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(vertical-homescreen) Replace app icons with the final assets


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::Homescreen, defect)

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(feature-b2g:2.0, b2g-v2.0 fixed)

2.0 S3 (6june)
feature-b2g 2.0
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b2g-v2.0 --- fixed


(Reporter: pla, Assigned: kgrandon)



(Whiteboard: ux-tracking, visual design, visual-tracking, [ft:systemsfe],[p=2])


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Send Kevin the updated assets for replacement into the build at the following 3-column sizes for the perfect crispness:

84, 126, 142, 189 (and maybe 284 for HD)

Also send 256 just in case.
feature-b2g: --- → 2.0
Duplicate of this bug: 1014959
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Hi Kevin,

Attached are the new set of App icons at the following sizes:

@1 > 84 (HVGA)
@1.5 > 126 (WVGA/FWVGA)
@2 > 142 (qHD) - this should actually be called @1.6875x but I'm going with the convention that was already established
@2.25 > 189 (720p)
@3.375 > 284 (full HD)

I've also attached a 256x256 generic size in case you need it.

Please flag me for uireview.  Thanks!
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Thanks. Icons for apps should probably just be in folders per app, and also labeled by their size, so icon_128.png, etc. I'll go ahead and move these into the proper locations though.
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Assignee: nobody → kgrandon
Whiteboard: ux-tracking, visual design, visual-tracking, [ft:systemsfe] → ux-tracking, visual design, visual-tracking, [ft:systemsfe],[p=2]
Target Milestone: --- → 2.0 S3 (6june)
Attached file renameicons.js
I am not a sed master, but i can write a quick script to rename all of the icons in a format that I want :)
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Work in progress
This is done, but does not yet resolve the "fuzzy" icon issue in the vertical homescreen. The problem that's causing that is likely a miss in our size selection pick. Let's solve that in bug 1014364.
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Github pull request

It seems like this is easier to get in as a single patch instead of smaller ones. Vivien - could you do a review for this cross-gaia change? Thanks!
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I think you also need to fix a few places in the Gaia were the size 60 is hardcoded ?

Like apps/system/js/app_window.js, or the old homescreen code.
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Github pull request

Ugh yeah.. seems like this will be more work than I was hoping :)

Let me run through the hard-coded places and will re-open this for review. Thanks!
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Hey Kevin,

Sorry to do this - I found a few icons I wanted to tweak after the weekend.  I made tweaks to the following icons and re-exported the entire set.

> Settings
> Cost Control (Usage)
> Gallery
> Wallpaper App (not sure if this is still used?)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Depends on: 1017208
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Github pull request

Hey Vivien - looks like we are pretty smart and don't use a hardcoded 60 value in the UI. See:

I would like to open this up for review, but I don't think we should land until we turn on the homescreen by default. Thanks!
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Blocks: 1017733
Duplicate of this bug: 1017733
No longer depends on: 1017208
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Mass modify - set status-b2g-v2.0 fixed for fixed bugs under vertical homescreen dependency tree.
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