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[Browser] Implement new startup loading events


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #837668 +++

We need to measure when the app is usable by the user. For that we'll need to send an event (the moment is specific to the app) to |window| that the performance test will be able to receive.
Bug 996038 introduces new events outlining the phases of application startup. Each of these 5 events needs to be implemented.
Summary: [Browser] "ready to use" perf measurement → [Browser] Implement new startup loading events
As an FYI, this implementation needs to land in 2.0 as it is important for meeting release performance acceptance criteria.
FYI: Browser app instrumentation should be done for 2.1 rather than 2.0 per below:

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Subject: Please do not land any more changes to the old browser app

As of the end of this sprint, we are hoping to have the old browser app simply be a shell app that transfers data to various datastores and deletes itself. This is in preparation for system browser in v2.1.

Please do not make/land any more changes to the old browser app (the one in apps/browser). They will conflict with the changes of working on stripping out the old browser, and will be deleted in about a week anyways.
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