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Generate results for different gaia/gecko branches and allow switching dashboard views between them


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Once we get the flame up and running, we'll want to run eideticker tests against different branches (probably 1.4 and master to start with?). In addition to modifying the eideticker data schema to support this, we should provide some mechanism in the dashboard to switch between these different branches in the dashboard.
This depends on eideticker actually working with different branches, covered by bug 1017484.
Depends on: 1017484
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Hey Dave, I still need to fix the dashboard frontend, so this is just a proof of concept. Does it make sense? I'm wondering if we should record the branch version we set in bug 1017484 and use it here somehow, instead of forcing the user to specify --branch manually when calling
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Concept for patch

Review of attachment 8437283 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think this looks like the right approach. I don't think we'll want to use the solution from bug 1017484 as that will be specific to the Gaia branch. Currently our Eideticker tests use the Gecko branch as the main branch identifier. For example mozilla-central, mozilla-b2g28_v1_3t, etc. If there's a chance we may reset Gaia on top of the releng builds then we may want to store gecko and gaia branches separately.

Another thought, could we reliably extract the branch using mozversion? The last component of the application_repository should indicate the branch in use.
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(In reply to Dave Hunt (:davehunt) from comment #3)
> Another thought, could we reliably extract the branch using mozversion? The
> last component of the application_repository should indicate the branch in
> use.

Potentially we could, but it would require us to maintain some kind of mapping from gecko branches to b2g versions. I suspect it's easiest to just set this manually, at least for now.
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This patch fixes a few things and updates the dashboard display code. It seems to work pretty well. Incidentally this fixes bug 1011621.
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Proposed patch

Review of attachment 8440075 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good. Will we also need changes to the copy-dashboard script?

::: src/dashboard/js/index.js
@@ +8,5 @@
>    return serverPrefix + path;
>  }
> +function updateContent(testInfo, deviceId, branchId, testId, measureId) {
> +  $.getJSON(getResourceURL([deviceId,  branchId, testId].join('/') + '.json'), function(dict) {

Nit: extra space between arguments.
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Blocks: 1036588
Pushed with nits addressed and updated copy-dashboard updated:

Ordinarily I think the changes to copy-dashboard would have been big enough to ask for a rereview, but we're in a bit of rush to add runs against aurora (2.0) and I'm pretty confident in the code. Feel free to take a gander at the push if you want to double check. :)
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