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4 years ago
Some of our about: pages have icons/images that need hidpi versions, so they don't look blurry (upscaled) on Retina displays. It's a fairly short list, and the changes in each should be fairly simple, so this bug covers updating them all. (Feel free to breakout further or file followups if that's not the case.)

    * about:privatebrowsing... mask and info icons, tab favicon

    * about:sessionrestore...
       - /!\ icon
       - tab favicon
       - window icon in list (aboutSessionRestore-window-icon.png)
       - restore checkmark (cbox-check.gif / cbox-check-dis.gif)
       - default "empty" favicon (defaultFavicon.png)
       - NOTE: site favicons in the list are out-of-scope here, as that
         involves more invasive Places changes needed by multiple things.

    * about:config... /!\ icon on "this might void your warranty" view

    * about:welcomeback... (post-profile reset) info icon, tab favicon

    * about:certerror...
       - larry icon
       - tab favicon
       - yellow twisty arrows
       - NOTE: the tab favicon only seems to be shown when a real page
         triggers about:certerror, otherwise it's blank.

    * About Firefox dialog... background image (technically not an about: page, but close enough!)
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4 years ago
Component: General → Theme
Duplicate of this bug: 1263418
Are these HiDPI assets already created and just need to be dropped in?
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(In reply to Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) from comment #2)
> Are these HiDPI assets already created and just need to be dropped in?

No. A lot of these icons are old and don't have easily scale-able artwork available.
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Comment 4

2 years ago
Maybe the private browsing one will be implemented as part of bug 1259340, but I'm not sure.
See Also: → bug 1259340


2 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1290829
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