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Fix and re-enable hg publisher


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In a thread on, Axel Hecht said, concerning the hg publisher,

"As I observed that back in the days, the notifier crashed on various occasions, in particular file additions/removals/renames and merges made it go funky."

"That might have been because it tried to include everything and the sun in the message. IIRC, if it had reduced itself to 'repo, changesets, pusher, pushdate', things would have been OK."

We should reduce the scope of the publisher to what he suggested and then get it re-enabled.

Note that the publisher and consumer code was removed from mozillapulse in bug 1021542 since it was unsupported.  It should be re-enabled when the shim is fixed up (which is in the pulseshims repo,

Testing could be done with a local hg server and the vagrant box in the mozillapulse/tests directory.
Adding existing hg-related bugs as blockers.  They may or may not still be relevant if the amount of data being sent is drastically reduced, but they need to be addressed and resolved one way or another before this bug is.
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Hi, where should I start?
Hi, so just to be clear, I didn't mark this as a [good first bug] because it will take a fair bit of setup time.  The first step would be getting a local pulse setup working.  The easiest way would be to use the vagrant box in the mozillapulse Python package (  Then it would be setting up an hg server and adding a hook that would write messages to pulse using something like, which is a way to separate the hg hook from the message-sending part (since we don't want that to block hg transactions).  It's interesting work, but it's a bit involved.
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Unmentoring this--this is really an advanced bug.
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I presume this is redundant now (or else a dupe) given the solution in bug 1196915?
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(In reply to Ed Morley [:emorley] from comment #5)
> I presume this is redundant now (or else a dupe) given the solution in bug
> 1196915?

Yes. If you need more from's notification, file a bug.
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