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Slave loan request for a talos-r4-snow machine


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I want to borrow a slave to help green up web-platform-tests on OSX. Thanks!
Assignee: nobody → sbruno
Assignee: sbruno → james
Instructions provided via email.  James: please close this bug when you are done with the loaner so that we can reclaim it.  Thanks!
This was previously working, but I no longer seem to be be able to access the machine via SSH or VNC. I am connected to the VPN, but I get an error like "ssh: Could not resolve hostname. Name or service not known"
hmm, I can connect fine.

I think someone is still on the machine too:
cltbld    console                   Mon Jun 16 16:48   still logged in

unless that's screen session or something

I'll check vpn access list to make sure both you and this host is on it.
Oh, I think this hostname of the slave has recently changed as it may have been involved with a recent move.

a valid fqdn should be:

Looking at the history of your loaner host ( I am also afraid this slave might have been re-imaged. Let me look into it this morning. Sorry for the interruption.
OK, it seems like I can resolve the new hostname, but I still can't connect.
re-added new hostname to vpn loaner access list and cleaned machine of secrets. Looks like there was some human error and this machine was re-imaged without informing you. Apologies if you lost state.

could you please try again? I'm in #releng if you have any other issues and want a quick response.
James, were you able to connect now? Do you still need this slave?

If you can't connect, we can check the vpn settings in ldap to make sure you personally are in there, and also the machine.
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I think I'm done with the slave for now, but I would just like to do a few more runs this weekend to see if the OSX situation for my testsuite is looking reasonable or not.
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OK, I am done with this slave. Thanks for all your help!
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