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Keypress on accessibility keyboard on Westpac banking site causes numerous "Remember Password" doorhangers


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, defect)

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Steps to Reproduce
1) Navigate to:
2) Click on the in-page keyboard to enter a password.

Expected Behavior: The "remember password" doorhanger panel only pops up after clicking "Sign In".
Actual Behavior: The "remember password" doorhanger panel pops up with each key click.
Attached file Demo/test case
This is very simple actually, and there's probably an existing bug: if you click a <button> inside a form with user/pass fields, even if the default action is prevented Firefox will suggest saving the user name and password.
We intentionally ask to save before the submission actually happens so that we can save the input on script-generated forms that prevent the default but then "submit" the form through some JS/XHR. There may be a way to address this but we shouldn't regress being able to save on script-submitted forms.
The site is using autocomplete="off" so if this is a regression this could be related to ignoring that for password saving (bug 956906). Perhaps there is a special case here where we shouldn't ignore @autocomplete=off?
Hardware: x86 → All
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