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4 years ago
Loop server currently relies exclusively on OpenTok to retrieve tokens. We should be able to use a different service rather than only Tokbox's.

https://github.com/tOkeshu/smoke-signals provides an interesting starting point that we should have a look at.
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3 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1111210

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3 years ago
Here is a brain-dump of what's needed to support that on the server side:

1. Currently, the server relays TokBox tokens to the client, and then the client uses them for the relation. Supporting different providers means we need to have a "token type" associated with the tokens we return.

2. Loop itself doesn't do the signaling part, so we should use a different provider to do that. matrix.org seems to provide an open protocol for that. 

3. Changing this on the server wouldn't be enough: we would need to do the same on the client side. This is bug 1024546.

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3 years ago
IMHO the philosophical implications of this bug are huge, and I would love to work on this.

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3 years ago
Michiel, if you're willing to work on this on the server side, be aware that we would need to do a bunch of changes on the client side as well, which will be apparently more complex (see bug 1024546 for more on this, I don't know much of the client infrastructure).

We can discuss this however you want, please come up on #loop-server on the mozilla irc network, or let's exchange here if you prefer.
Depends on: 1024546
See Also: → bug 1024546
No longer depends on: 1024546
Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.


Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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