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[B2G] [User Story] Support for EU Internet APN (regulatory requirement)


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User Story


Per the EU Internet APN regulation, As a user when I roam into a foreign country (within EU) I should have an option to use a specific roaming APN for all data traffic. The roaming APN terminating in the GGSN of the roaming network and not in the home network. As a user I should be able to manually set/edit this EU internet APN, based on my contracts with specific network (or for similar other reasons).

 - When user roams in a EU network with a EU sim, prompt the user if they want to use the breakout APN
 - In data settings, a new EU APN should appear that is editable by user.
 - Exact EU network mcc/mnc or APN settings should be customizable.


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Add support for EU Internet APN for devices for below regulation.

EU regulation within body of EU regulators for Electronics Communications BEREC, from 1 July 2014

"The roaming regulation provides a right to all end-users to choose (from 1 July 2014) a provider of international roaming services different from the provider of domestic services choice, ARP (Alternative Roaming Provider).

Furthermore, it also gives the end user the right to make a local deal with a service provider in the roaming country for using internet data without the knowledge from home operator LBO (LocalBreakOut).

The process is known as decoupling or separate sale of roaming services. This requirement mandates that the end user should be able to manually set the roaming operator as well as use an alternative APN while roaming."
No longer depends on: 985945, 999310
User Story: (updated)
feature-b2g: --- → 2.1
Currently, RIL get APN setting from Gaia. That means this user story should be owned by Gaia developer. Change the component and ni? Howie to get his opinions.
Component: RIL → Gaia::Settings
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Summary: [B2G] [RIL] [User Story] Support for EU Internet APN (regulatory requirement) → [B2G] [User Story] Support for EU Internet APN (regulatory requirement)
Gaia will investigate this. To summarize the requirement: 1.This feature only gets enabled for devices sold in EU that are roaming within EU networks 2.Add additional APN type "EU Roaming APN 3.Add setting that asks user if they want to use their original roaming settings or use the new EU breakout APN. If user chooses the EU APN then use the "EU Roaming APN" for roaming.
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Bruce - Per email discussion, Can you pls move this to settings user story?
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Yes we're tracking in System Platform
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User Story: (updated)
See Also: → 1032631
Hi all, please see attached for latest APN setting spec. Thanks!
Depends on: 1032631
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We are unable to verify this issue since we have no way of roaming inside a EU network using an EU SIM.
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Add the test cases.
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