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Since version 30, Citrix Receiver stopped working on both Mac OS & WIndows: click-to-activate UI isn't showing


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0 (Beta/Release)
Build ID: 20140610163407

Steps to reproduce:

Open company portal (
Log in
Click on Citrix published application.

Actual results:


Expected results:

The ICA client aka Citrix Receiver plugin should have started, but it does not anymore with FF 30 & 31. This issue occurs on Windows and on Mac.

thanks for taking time to report a problem. 

Could you please try if the same happens with a clean profile? (see 
This way we could exclude a specific setting as culprit.

QA Whiteboard: [bugday-20140616]
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Georg, any chance this is related to plugin changes in 30? How would we check and/or what workarounds are available?
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Does the page use plugins? Also, is the plugin icon visible in the location bar?

You can also look in about:addons for relevant plugins and switch them to "Always Activate".
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This is likely the plugin changes in Firefox 30 (defaulting most plugins to click-to-play).

You should either see a notification bar:
... or a placeholder in the page:

Via these, you can activate the plugin for the site.
Alternatively you can go to Tools->Addons->Plugins and set the "Citrix Receiver Plug-in" to "Always activate".
There is no placeholder whatsoever, but when I go to Add-ons, and tell the Citrix plugins to always start, it does actually work. This is a valid workaround for an advanced user, but not for anybody that I work with. A very ... interesting choice to change the plug-ins to this behavior.
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But do you see a notification bar like the one linked in comment 4?
If the plugin is hidden, then it should show up. If it is not, our "hidden plugin" detection might be off and it would be interesting to know what the site is doing.
No notifications, not even those from comment 4 show up. When you click on a Citrix published application, nothing happens. I understand further investigation will be difficult since the site requires domain rights and we don't give these to non-employees. Is it possible for me to do a trace or something like that?
Can you maybe provide a static, sanitized, single-html-file version of the page where you use the plugin?
If you could narrow it down to a minimal example, that would be even better.
(In reply to johndoe5456 from comment #9)
> After logging on and off for a few times, I noticed that for around 20ms a
> notification is shown about a plugin that should be activated. It is so
> brief though that if you don't look for it, you won't see it.
> I don't see a way of attaching anything to this bug, so I will just paste
> the html you requested. I hope this is what you needed, but I think the html
> that you're looking for is actually just before this page (and will be
> uncatchable). Thanks for looking into this.

Please either attach files here or alternatively upload them somewhere else or put it on something like

I quickly checked through variations of dynamically removing the plugin and they seem fine:

So either they're redirecting (in which case i'm not sure if we have any great options) or doing something else we're not handling well.
Without more information i don't think we can do much here.
Duplicate of this bug: 1027887
Can confirm it, Citrix
Reply to Comment 12: I too can confirm it: Citrix 3.1.64091 with Citrix "simple Plug-in" 11.8.2

Comment 6:  No messages here either, of any kind.  Just nothing...

Re-loaded citrix.  Works fine in Safari 7.0.3 and in Firefox 29, but not 30/31.0 on the beta update channel.

Ditto Comment 7. 

 Also confirm that if simple plug-in for Citrix is changed (which I think just calls the .ica) from ask to activate it solves the problem.  File is CitrixICAClientPlugin.plugin.  Most user here know how to turn on a computer and maybe type a password correctly.  

For our facilities, this bug is a show stopper.
Lukas, I think we should relnote this. Without a testcase I don't know if there's any Firefox changes we should make, but the workaround of enabling the plugin in the addon manager should be mentioned somewhere. Also adding Tyler in case this should be mentioned in the SUMO article on plugins.
relnote-firefox: --- → ?
In my case the problem is solved. I took a look at the plugins, and the Citrix-plugin was set to "Nachfragen, ob aktiviert werden soll" (ask if it should be activated or so), I set it to "Immer aktivieren" (activate aalways) and now it works.
Duplicate of this bug: 1034659
Added the release notes with the wording:
"Mac OS X and Windows: Citrix Receiver no longer works (1025627)"
Sylvestre, I don't see this at or although I expected it in the Firefox 30 release notes.

Also could you please add a note that the proper workaround is to mark the Citrix plugin as "Always Enable" in the addon manager?
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Summary: Since version 30, Citrix Receiver stopped working on both Mac OS & WIndows → Since version 30, Citrix Receiver stopped working on both Mac OS & WIndows: click-to-activate UI isn't showing
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I updated the 31 release notes:

I just fixed 31.0 beta & 30.0. It should be live in 30 minutes max

Wording improved:
"Mac OS X and Windows: Citrix Receiver no longer works. As a workaround, mark the plugin as Always Enable in the addon manager (1025627)"

Thanks for the feedback
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About Testcase: You must understand that this plugin requires some complex infrastructure.
If you want to test, use
I don't know if "click-to active" really could work, as this plugin does not embed something visible on the page. It just launches some programm outside of firefox to show some remote desktop or application.
Would whitelisting the plugin work?
Can you provide some more specific steps for reproducing that on

If a plugin is not visible, you get a notification bar at the top.
Whitelisting would work - you could do that in a corporate setup [1] or Citrix could apply for whitelisting.
However, we should understand first whether this is a fixable issue.

Install Citrix Receiver from

Access and signup (does not really do much, just generates a username with password demo, trashmail-addresses seem to work)

Access and login with generated Username

Start one of the published applications (Word, Excel, Desktop etc.)

With Firefox 31 just nothing happens.
With older Versions the remote applications starts.
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Thanks for the details.
Resolving old bugs which are likely not relevant any more, since NPAPI plugins are deprecated.
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