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Remove unused folder flag GotNew


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Not set


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Thunderbird 48.0


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As far as I can tell, the folder flag GotNew is set and cleared in a few places in mailnews, but never actually used for anything. Rather than try to fix it or test it in bug 1025113, I'd like to just remove it. There are already too many other indicators of new messages floating around.
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I think I removed the flag completely.
Ran the unit tests successfully.

This is my first Thunderbird bug, is everything ok(the patch submission)?
Didn't look in detail yet, but one thing you should do is rev the uuid for the nsMsgFolderFlags.idl as it's changed.
(Generate a new uuid, on linux you can use the uuidgen command)

Then see
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How's this?

So every time a idl file is modified, i need to change its UUID?
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1025976 patch v2

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Yes, this looks good. r=mkmelin
Thx Bodgan!
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Isn't the style in that file to NOT remove unused flags, but rename them to UnusedX ?
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(In reply to :aceman from comment #5)
> Isn't the style in that file to NOT remove unused flags, but rename them to
> UnusedX ?

Yes that would be preferable.
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Bogdan, please update the patch to just rename the GotNew to Unused7 (or what number comes next) and update the comment above it to say what that constant was used for in the past. See Unused4 above.
It is so that we do not erroneosly reuse that flag value for other purposes. Existing folders may still contain that value it we just need to ignore it and not suddenly make it mean something else.
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Here it is. Sorry for the mistake.
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1025976 patch

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Yes, thanks. I haven't run the tests but only checked the change in nsMsgFolderFlags.idl. I assume Magnus did review it fully for the first r+.

::: mailnews/base/public/nsMsgFolderFlags.idl
@@ +76,5 @@
>    /// This used to be used for virtual newsgroups
>    const nsMsgFolderFlagType Unused1         = 0x00008000;
>    /// Used to be for categories
>    const nsMsgFolderFlagType Unused4         = 0x00010000;
> +  /// Used to be for new msgs in a folder    

Please remove the trailing whitespace you add here.
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Ugh, Atom did it.

Well I've run the tests the first time and they are fine.
I guess Magnus did it too.
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1025976 patch

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Closed: 4 years ago
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